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Why Iceland should be your next travel destination

So many people talk about Iceland being on their travel bucket list, but very few actually go. Instead they tend to choose yet another sunny, tropical paradise or a buzzing big city when their next vacation comes up. There are countless of reasons why Iceland should be your next travel destination, but let’s just stick to a handful for now.

Nature on steroids

First and foremost the scenery is magical in Iceland. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen: Waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, volcanos, black sand beaches and desserts and so much more. Everywhere you look there’s beauty. No wonder nature photographers pilgrimage to the country.

So safe it’s (almost) fool proof

Iceland is a really, really safe society. Icelanders are very kind, patient and helpful people – although some are a bit quiet and and slightly tired of tourists.

Also, almost all Icelanders speak English fluently and they are great at providing tourist information and signs, so you’re able to help yourself in most situations.

Great cuisine

The food is really good – best seafood ever! And there is great variety in the food offered in Reykjavík: Tacos, Indian food, vegan dishes – you name it. The biggest issue is which delicious restaurant to chose.

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The northernmost capital in the world

Reykjavík is the very definition of a charming city.It is quite small, so seeing the standard tourist sight can easily be done in a day. However, nothing beats just relaxing at the coffee shops, hanging out by the swimmingpools and going for ice cream in you own relaxed pace. Reykjavík is as cultural as a big city, but cosy like a small town.

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Geothermal paradise

Iceland has great culture for taking a soak in the geothermal pools. You don’t have to visit a spa like The Blue Lagoon (even though it’s a fun experience) you can just go to one of Reykjavik’s public pools or soak in a natural hot spring when you’re on the road. Iceland’s geothermal waters is in itself a reason for taking a vacation to the country.

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Why Iceland should NOT be your next travel destination


* If you want a low cost vacation

Budget traveling in Iceland can be done, but it is a challenge.


* If you want warm weather and sunny days

It’s really rare for it to be warm in Iceland. 18 degrees celcius in the summer is extremely warm for Iceland. The sun may shine, but it rarely gets warm. If you want a tan you should go somewhere else.


* If you are not that in to nature

You will get mud on your boots and you will need to wear proper waterproof clothing. There is little room for fancy fashionistas wearing pastel colors in Iceland. However, if you are in to outdoor activities and fresh air you’ll love it!

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