I just really love Iceland.


It was the summer of 2018 in Reykjavík and it was rainy. Everybody was complaining about the weather. I loved it. It was my first trip to Iceland and I had no expectations what so ever. I just thought that I would check of another destination on my bucket list. I was wrong. 

I am from Denmark. Beautiful country, but very flat landscapes. Believe it or not, despite my journeys around the world, I had never been up close to a waterfall before visiting Iceland. As I walked up to the Skógafoss, my first real waterfall experience, it brought tears to my eyes. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed and I did not want to go home. I had to though. And I did, but I started planning my next trip to Iceland already in the check-in que at Keflavík. I took a driver’s license – just so that one day I’ll be able to drive the ring road in Iceland. People do crazy things for love.

I got on the plane back to Denmark (and cried a bit as it took of from Keflavík). 

In the late spring of 2019 and I needed some fresh air and my employer allowed me to bring my work laptop with me to Reykjavík, where I was based in the sunny summer of 2019. I fail to remember when I have been happier.

Now I am (unfortunately) back in Copenhagen, but I feel I left my heart in Reykjavík.


My educational background a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications and Economics, which I finished from Copenhagen Business School in 2016.

I work full time as CMO of the Danish men’s fashion retailer Troelstrup located in Copenhagen. Overall my job entails to continuously develop the company’s communications strategy and brand positioning. My primary job functions are to plan and budget marketing and e-commerce activities, then delegate, coordinate and review all tasks related to these activities.

My job used to be more creative and focussed around the actual creation of content – both written and visual. However, as the department of marketing and e-commerce has grown I rarely get to do any content creation myself anymore. The Nordic Explorer has become my creative outlet where I get to write about the stuff I love and play around with a little webdesign at the same time.

I am used to working remotely. Apart from having lived in Iceland in June-July 2019, I also lived as an expat in Dubai in December 2018-January 2019.

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