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Best breakfast places in Reykjavík

The bakery scene in Reykjavík is blooming and several places are worth starting the day at for a cultural, tasty morning instead of sticking to the standard continental breakfast at your hotel. Check out the best bakeries in town and have brunch at the place that is currently the talk of the town amongst the locals.

The bakeries


Brikk is on of the newest bakeries in Reykjavík and is located in the Grandi area just outside the downtown district of Reykjavík. Brikk offers top tasty pastries and serves a simple but delicious breakfast platter with their sourdough bread. The bakery has a café inside the shop, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your freshly baked meal.

Find it here: Mýrargata 31

Breakfast at Brikk. Photo by The Nordic Explorer.

Brauð & Co.

Brauð & Co. bakery has been in Reykjavík for quite some time, but quality of their bread is still absolutely delicious. You can find Brauð & Co. at various locations in Reykjavík e.g. in Hlemmur Mathöll, downtown or in Vesturbæjar. The one in Vesturbæjar is definitely worth checking out and is located right next to Kaffihús Vesturbæjar, which is very popular with the locals. Be aware that most Brauð & Co. bakeries don’t offer food to stay, but only to go.

Ps. At Brauð you can get vegan snuður as well.

Find it here: Laugavegur 107, Frakkastígur 16 or Melhagi 22

Snúður from Brauð. Photo by The Nordic Explorer.


Sandholt is another tasty breakfast option located in downtown Reykjavík. The bakery is large and has a café, where you can order breakfast and brunch dishes that are served with slices of the bakery’s delicious sourdough bread.

Find it here: Laugavegur 36

Breakfast at Sandholt. Photo by The Nordic Explorer.

The brunch place

The Coocoo’s Nest

The Coocoo’s Nest is located in the Grandi area, which is a 10 minute walk from downtown Reykjavík. Grandi is blooming and definitely worth a visit if you are hungry and want to get away from Laugavegur and all the other tourists. The Coocoo’s Nest has become the city’s no. 1 brunch place and has a great menu with dishes that are guaranteed to keep you full for a long day of sight seeing. Try the breakfast burrito!

Find it here: Grandagardur 23
Book a table in advance if you want to be sure to get your brunch here.

Breakfast burrito at The Coocoo’s Nest. Photo by The Nordic Explorer.

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