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Iceland Airwaves: No excuses not to attend this festival

Iceland Airwaves is another great reason to visit Iceland in November! This music festival is not to be under estimated for multiple reasons. In fact Iceland Airwaves is such a great festival that there are no excuses not to participate in it. Not even if you are completely broke!

Something for everybody

Do not underestimate the Icelandic music scene! The main reason for you to go to Iceland Airwaves is of course the music itself. The Iceland Airwaves’ music programme is packed with a very diverse, curated selection of artists. The majority are Icelandic musicians, but bands and singers of other nationalities are also included. There is something for everybody no matter if you are into rock, pop, hip hop, soul or something else.

You can be sure that none of the names are your average, main stream international superstars. Iceland Airwaves is about discovering something new that you had no idea you actually really love. That is by far one of the coolest things about this festival!

Pay or don’t

Compared to other festivals Iceland Airwaves is highly affordable. The earlier you buy your ticket the cheaper it is. In fact you can buy “super early bird tickets” for next year’s festival as soon as the current year’s festival has ended. 

Another great thing is that Icelandair is one of the festival’s main sponsors. This means that you can get great deals on plane tickets combined with festival passes – and also accommodation in Reykjavík if needed. It can be highly recommend if you are looking for a trip to Iceland that is more easy on your budget.

The festival entails both official venues, on venues and off venues. Off venues are places in town that offer free shows that are being held in the afternoons. A lot of artists have both short off venue performances and longer official concerts. This means that you can “try out” the festival without paying a dime. What’s not to like?

Iceland Airwaves all over Reykjavík

Apart from an incredible selection of artists and being a budget friendly festival, Iceland Airwaves is a really cool way of experiencing different places in Reykjavík. As mentioned, concerts are being held in both official venues, on venues and off venues all over town, which encourages you to check out different places and aspects of the city. From cinemas and theaters to art museums. 

Convenient Iceland Airwaves app

Who is playing when and where? Iceland Airwaves has developed an app that makes it super easy for you to keep track of the shows that you are interested in.

Don’t even worry about keeping up to date on changes to the schedule! The app will keep you notified, so all you have to do is show up when and where it tells you to.

Apart from the free app for your smartphone it can be recommended to subscribe to Iceland Airwaves newsletter to stay up to date about ticket releases, artists and practical information. Also, follow the festival’s official Instagram account to stay in the loop at all times.

A non-crowded festival

Compared to many other festivals Iceland Airwaves is far less crowded. Thus, it is a far less stressfull experience. As mentioned there is an app and this will also keep you notified if venues are at capacity. This way you don’t waste your time by showing up to a full show, where you have a zero percent chance of getting in.

As mentioned a lot of the artists at Iceland Airwaves have more than just one show during the festival. This has a tendency to spread out the crowd a bit as there is not just one show that everyone needs to experience, but more options. 

Apart from this all venues have shows simultaneously, which also means that the festival activities are spread out throughout the city and not centered at one or few locations.

Get your tickets and read load more about Iceland Airwaves on the festival’s website.

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