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Make sure you pack these essential items

Apart from packing pratical and warm clothes for Iceland, here are some essential items that you will want to make sure that you pack for your trip to Iceland.

For more guidance on what to pack check out the summer packing list, autumn packing list or winter packing list depending on when you are planning a trip to Iceland.

Re-usable water bottle

Don’t be that tourist who waltzes down to the nearest convenience store and buys bottled water as soon as you are checked in at your accommodation in Reykjavík. Icelandic water is some of the purest water in the world. Drink from the tap in the city and from the rivers in the country side. Make sure you pack a re-usable water bottle and refill when you are on the road.

Light weight, fast drying towel

You will want to go for a dip while in Iceland. Apart from Icelandic drinking water being amazing, Icelandic geothermal waters are also incredible. If you go to Iceland without at least one geothermal dip, you are missing out. Bring a towel in your suit case. You will be grateful if you invest in one of those fast drying, light weight hiking towels. This is by far the best to bring with you on the road.

Interested in more about where you can go for a geothermal dip in Iceland? Check out this article.

Proper hiking boots

Icelandic highland areas are a hiker’s paradise! You can go on a lot of great day trips by bus. However, in order to really experience Icelandic nature, you need to go where only your feet can take you. Make sure you pack proper hiking boots that are waterproof.

If you only plan on bus trips you should still make sure to bring more than just sneakers. In order to fully appreciate Icelandic nature you will get a little muddy.

Interested in trying out a day of hiking from Reykjavík? Here is a list of the best hikes that can be done in a day from Reykjavík.

Waterproof smartphone cover

There is a high probability that you will get some rain on your trip to Iceland. Apart from this you will probably want to see waterfalls up close. The spray from the waterfalls is guaranteed to get you phone wet, so you will want to be sure that it is protected. Also, by packing a waterproof smartphone cover, you can take pictures in hot springs without being afraid of dropping your phone into the water.


You will want to take pictures all the time. Make sure you pack a powerbank so you can charge your devices on the road. Also, be sure to bring extra batteries for your camera and/or GoPro. Remember that your devices will loose power even faster if you visit in the winter where it gets pretty cold to be on the road.

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