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Packing for The Blue Lagoon

Packing for The Blue Lagoon is not rocket science. It is basically just like packing your bag for a day at any swimmingpool. However, if you are having doubts on what you should bring just follow this packing list and you will be just fine. … and don’t forget to prebook your ticket!

Packing for The Blue Lagoon


You can bring any sort of swimwear that you prefer as long as it is actual swimwear. No underwear please.

Pre-booked ticket

Always pre-book your ticket for The Blue Lagoon. Bring it with you on your smartphone – it is not necessary for you to print it.

Towel (optional)

The Blue Lagoon supplies you with a standard white towel. Therefore, there is no need for you to bring your own. However, if you fear having to find “your” towel amongst 500 identical, white towels, bringing your own that has a different color solves this issue.

Be aware though that you really don’t need to bring the towel to the lagoon. Place it in the rag by the showers in the locker room. That way your towel is available to you once you get out of the shower after your day of relaxation in the lagoon.

Please dry off before entering the locker room upon showering. Nobody likes a wet locker room floor.

Waterproof phone cover (optional but highly recommended)

You will want to take pictures in the lagoon!

Make sure to waterproof your smartphone/camera. You can buy a waterproof bag for your smartphone at the bars in the lagoon. However, these tend to fog up. Thus, it is recommended that you buy a waterproof smartphone cover that specifically fits your phone so your pictures won’t be foggy.

Get a handle or a leash for your smartphone, so you can wear it around your neck. You’ll get pretty tired of having to hold it in your hand the whole time.

Re-useable water bottle

Always stay hydrated! You can refill your water bottle at multiple small water fountains placed around the lagoon.

Slippers/flip flops (optional)

Some prefer not having to walk around barefoot in the locker room and around the lagoon. Slippers aren’t necessary to bring, but convenient. The floor is not that cold and the lagoon is just outside the door, when you go through the locker rooms, so you won’t get cold feet if you go straight for the water.

Shampoo/conditioner (optional)

The Blue Lagoon supplies you with their own line of body shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer in the shower and locker room. Their conditioner is really good and can be recommended to put in your hair before going into the lagoon as well in order to protect your hair.

If you need a special shampoo bring it with you, but it is not necessary.

Hairband and pins to put up your hair

The water in the lagoon is harsh and very salty conditions for your hair. Thus, it is advisable that you pin up your hair before getting in the water. Bring what you need for this purpose.

Pack in a small bag

The lockers are sized to fit your clothes and not any large bags or suitcases. If you are bringing a suit case you can store it at the luggage store facility by the parking lot at The Blue Lagoon.

Pack your stuff in a small or regular size backpack. That will fit into your locker.

Need more information? Make sure also to check out my complete guide for visiting The Blue Lagoon. Here you’ll find all you need to know about in preparation for your visit.

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