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Should you visit The Blue Lagoon?

In my opinion, yes, The Blue Lagoon is worth visiting – but only if you are in to the whole spa thing. Otherwise there are plenty of other, less hyped places in Iceland, where you can soak in a geothermal pool. … And you definitely must visit a geothermal pool when in Iceland – the water feels so great combined with the cool, fresh air.

Some local Icelandics like to call The Blue Lagoon one of Iceland’s best marketing examples, since it essentially is just a man made hot spring. And why would you go there and pay a whole lot to get that experience, when you can get it in nature for free?


It’s a spa experience

Well, my answer would be that it is not just another hot spring – it is a spa. The experience that you get at The Blue Lagoon is not the same as if you were to go to a natural hot spring. The hot water yes, but not the silica water, the face masks, the steam baths, the saunas or the bar. So I really don’t think the two can be compared. I’m happy that I visited, but then again I do love a good spa and a cold beer.


7 Blue Lagoon Myths

To help you make your decision on whether or not to go here are some of the things that people often debate about The Blue Lagoon and my personal experience of these aspects:


“It’s touristy”

Yes. Honestly, I didn’t spot a single Icelandic guests – only staff. Also, once you’re done you exit through the gift shop, which gives it that theme park vibe. A bit tacky really.


“It’s crowded”

Yes and no. I went in July and there was a line to check in and pretty crowded in the locker room, but the lagoon is really big. Once you get in the water there will be plenty of room for you. If you make sure to move to the back of the lagoon, instead of staying right by the bar, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot for a selfie without 20 other people in the background.


“It’s expensive”

Yes, compared to a natural hot spring that’s free. However, compared to other spas I’ve been to I don’t find it expensive. Again, I recommend that you think of The Blue Lagoon as a spa experience and not a hot spring experience.


“Is it worth it?”

I’m happy that I went. Too me that’s one thing off my Iceland bucket list. However, next time I go to Iceland I don’t think I’ll be going back to The Blue Lagoon. It was a cool experience, but now I’ve seen it and (again) there are many other geothermal pools in Iceland. Next time I’ll try a natural hot spring instead or go to a public pool in Reykjavik.


“It smells like rotten eggs”

No. Just trust me: It really doesn’t.


“It ruins your hair”

No, not if you follow instructions and put their conditioner in your hair and tie it in a bun. My hair was actually way soft after my visit, because their conditioner is so good.


“You have to be naked with other people”

Yes, in the locker room you get undressed (with people of the same gender as you) and take a shower before putting on your swimsuit and going to the lagoon area. If you’re shy I recommend you get undressed, wrap your towel around you, go to one of the many closed shower stalls with frosted glass, take your shower in privacy, put your swimsuit on in there and you’re good to go. Honestly, don’t worry about it! Also, the reason everybody must shower naked before entering the water is to keep it clean and hygenic – so please just follow instructions.


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Photo for “7 Myths about The Blue Lagoon” by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

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