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There’s a new attraction in town!

… and its name is FlyOver Iceland. It is a simulated helicopter ride over some of Iceland’s most breathtaking landscapes. Should you go? Yep. Especially on a rainy day.

Perfect for a rainy day

FlyOver Iceland is a new attraction in Reykjavík that allows you to experience the wonders of Icelandic nature without going outdoor. Substituting the real thing with this virtual and simulated experience can’t be recommended. However, it is a pretty great alternative in case your tour gets cancelled because of bad weather.

Corny and touristy, but really good at the same time

“Corny and touristy” was basically how my Icelandic friends described the experience as they told me about it. Yep and yep. However, they also told me that I should definitely go and check it out.

Why? Because the production itself is actually really good. The footage of Iceland is amazing and the music and 4D effects are very on point. All together this creates a very holistic and convincing experience, which is guaranteed to move you if you have a weak spot for stunning nature scenes. You might even shed a small tear as you are “flying” over Vestrahorn to the intense, instrumental music.

What to expect?

Small spoiler alert! If you want to experience FlyOver Iceland without any idea what to expect then skip this part of the article.

The FlyOver Iceland experience takes you through three rooms in total.

The first, is an introduction video with a fast description of the everyday life of the settlers that first came to Iceland. It is for those who know absolutely nothing about how Icelanders lived back in the old days.

The second, is a bit more interactive and draws on Icelandic beliefs in trolls and magic. It is for the kids.

The third, is what you’re really there for: The part where you fly over Iceland on a gentle 4D rollercoaster ride that stimulates all your senses throughout the journey.

If you’ve ever been to Universal Studios or any other theme park with simulated rides then you have a good comparison. However, FlyOver Iceland is much more about the scenery than a wild ride.

Where to find it

FlyOver Iceland is located just outside the downtown in the hip and very up and coming Grandi area. If you visit FlyOver Iceland, it can be highly recommend to you spend some time in this lovely and trendy neighbourhood.

Interested in more about Grandi? Check out this guide with tips on what to see and where to eat in this neighbourhood.

Cover photo by Michelle Spollen on Unsplash.

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