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What to wear when exploring Iceland?

A very specific guide to those who have an explorer’s summer vacation ahead of them in Iceland – with a rainy forecast. … And feel free to skip ahead to the visual version at the end if you’re not feeling literary.

Going on full day excursions by tour bus in Iceland I noticed that almost everybody was taken by surprise by the weather conditions. Also, I received several comments from co-explorers (other tourists) on how well prepared I seemed to be.

Sharing is caring, so here is my guide to what to wear when exploring Iceland (summer edition) when the weather report says rain and 11 degrees celsius:

  • Merino wool leggings
  • Waterproof pants – Trust me: You will be grateful for these!
  • Wool socks
  • Dr. Marten boots
  • 4 layers of shirts – Yep!: 1 tanktop, 2 merino wool mid-layers and a fleece shirt
  • Waterproof jacket (hooded) – I’m wearing my men’s snowboard jacket from Burton
  • Merinowool Buff
  • Shearling wristwarmers (the glove-kind with no fingers)
  • Waterproof backpack (mine’s from Chrome Industries)
  • Waterproof phone cover
  • Beanie

The result looks like this (did someone say waterproof ninja?):

In my backpack:

  • Re-useable waterbottle
  • 2 x proteinbars
  • Ekstra pair of gloves (your gloves will get pretty wet as you take pictures near the waterfalls)
  • Powerbank + cable (in case of no poweroutlets on the bus)
  • Ekstra pair of wool socks (in case of wet feet)

Following this guide you should have no problem exploring Iceland eventhough it is really rainy and stormy, but you didn’t visit Iceland to se all the sights from inside a bus!

Be sure also to check out my complete packing list for Iceland in the summer.


Cover photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Visual packing list

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