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Where to eat in Akureyri

Akureyri is visited by many explores of Northern Iceland and those traveling the ring road. But where to head for breakfast before your day trip starts? And what to get for dinner? Here are some recommendations for really great go-to places to catch a bite in Akureyri.

Breakfast in Akureyri

Berlin is a small café in downtown Akureyri. They open early and are great for catching a bite before heading on a day trip or if you want to get an early start to the day.

Apart from being a great place for breakfast, Berlin also has a good selection of lunch dishes. So if you’re not having lunch on the road it is worth going there for a bite during the day.

Berlin is a good place to catch an avocado toast early in the morning. Rumor has it that the place is also great for lunch. Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash.

Dinner in Akureyri

There are several places worth recommending for dinner in Akureyri:

Akureyri Fish and Chips

Fish and chips (fiskur og franskar) is really popular in Akureyri. No wonder, because it is really good. Akureyri Fish and Chips is located downtown and is a good place to grab a batch of freshly caught fish and some fries. Try it with the sauce called “remoulade”. It is perfection.

Fiskur og franskar / Fish’n Chips is always a good choice in Akureyri where the fish is excellent and alway freshly caught. Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash.


If you’re in the mood for pizza, nachos and that sort of food go to Bryggjan. It is a fairly big restaurant, but the place still has good atmosphere and they are especially known for making good pizzas.

Bryggjan is especially known for the restaurant’s pizzas. Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash.

Aurora at Icelandair Hotel Akureyri

In the mood for something light or just searching for place with a great variety of Nordic food on the menu. Aurora is definitly where you should go. Eventhough it is a hotel restaurant it is in no way boring, but has great atmosphere, excellent service and a good selection of healthy dishes on the menu. Aurora is definitely a favourite of mine in Akureyri!

Of course you can also get your fish and chips at Aurora – it is really good too.


In the mood for raw fish and rice? Rub23 is a great choice if you feel like having sushi. The place is located in downtown Akureyri in a bright red building – hard to miss. If you are tired after a long day of exploring the Icelandic scenery the place offers take away as well.

Rub23 has a big menu with all sort of delicious foods. Sushi is one of them and you can also get it to go. Photo by Ben Lei on Unsplash.

In the mood for dessert?


You can’t visit Iceland without trying Icelandic ice cream. At Ísbuðin you can get a bragðarefur (translation: flavour fox), which is a delicious dessert where you combine sort serve with candy of your choice and get it stirred. It is amazing! Go for a small one – they are huge.

Bragðarefur (translation: flavour fox) from Ísbuðin with vanilla ice cream and cookie dough. Captured by The Nordic Explorer.

Cover photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash.

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