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Where to go for a beer in Reykjavík?

Where should you go for a beer in when you are in Reykjavík? There are some great bars in the city! Here’s a couple of recommendations if you want to avoid the main stream bars you’ll find in any capital city.

Icelanders are really great a both brewing and drinking beer. There are tons of great places to hang out and have a beer in Reykjavík. Here is a couple of recommendations if you are looking for a local spot to enjoy a beer.

Local bar recommendations

Skúli Craft Bar

Located on a small plaza, which gives you the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy a lovely cold brew under the bar’s heating lamps. You can play a game of backgammon with your beer… and they have a food truck outside if you get hungry!

Location: Aðalstræti 9

Kaldi Bar

A small bar that also serves their own local brew: Kaldi. The vibe is very laidback – kinda like a modern tavern with a dimmed livingroom vibe and a piano instead of a pool table.

Location: Laugavegur 20B

Did you know that beer was prohibited in Iceland until 1989?

Yup, in 1915 all alcoholic drinks were prohibited in Iceland. Beer was the last alcoholic beverage to be legalized again on the 1st of March in 1989 and some Icelanders celebrate the 1st of March as Bjórdagur (“Beer Day”).

Today beer is to most popular alcoholic drink in Iceland and many local breweries such as Ölverk, Einstök and Bruggsmiðjan who makes the Kaldi brew are very good and quit popular.

Want to know more about the beer ban? Check out the BBC’s article on Why Iceland banned beer.

What do Icelanders eat?

Want to try some traditional Icelandic foods? Check out this article about Icelandic foods that Icelanders actually eat and not the ones Icelanders tell tourists about for fun.

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